The American International University was established

… US INTER GLOBAL : UNIVERSITY , scientific private and independent institution so as to contribute to the achievement of social development goals and human in the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Arab region and all the countries of the world, and this university established the ratification and a license from the Ministry of Cultural Education and Higher Education of the Republic of Somalia Federal – Kismayo-and Aahjopaland, number City: WWH&TS/XAG/00832/7/2015, and it is considered a distinguished continuation of giving in the process of private higher education in Somalia by developing modern and advanced curricula.

The university’s goal behind all this is:

Training and qualifying students for the degree level.

Contribute adequately to the enlightenment and development of society.

– Documenting scientific and cultural relations with universities and higher institutes inside and outside the country, and the university, in its relentless pursuit to achieve these goals, looks forward to the future with full awareness, and this can only be achieved by realizing modern science and modern advanced technologies. The US INTER GLOBAL UNIVERSITY opens its doors to more cultural diversity and provides The best available education avenues, while the university adheres to its pledge to graduate future leaders and qualified students with knowledge. It is looking forward to developing more scientific disciplines, expanding graduate programs, and providing everything that contributes to strengthening scientific research and increasing its horizons in a way that serves and is compatible with the labor market at the region level. .

The solid scientific steps at the American International University are enough to continue the achievement of its major goals, an approach that it has adopted since its establishment, inspired by determination and ambition, in terms of being keen to achieve the highest levels of quality and excellence, as they are the way to prepare the graduate who is represented in competence and scientific ability, which makes him an important specialized knowledge addition in Strengthening development edifices in various fields, and to achieve this goal, the university is constantly developing in accordance with international scientific standards, not only its programs and specializations, but is also keen on developing in attracting and appointing the best faculty members, in a way that achieves a productive scientific university environment with distinction and creativity, as well as a full commitment to promoting Partnership and cooperation relations with all community bodies and institutions locally and internationally, and with many scientific edifices at the level of the Arab world and the world

American International University in Somalia


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