Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of Family Counseling and Educational Guidance

College vision, mission and goals

First – the vision

The Faculty of Arts, American International University, seeks to achieve the goals of distinguished university education, by spreading a culture of proficiency and mastery, in the bachelor and graduate studies stages. This is achieved through continuous updating of educational programs; curricula and educational systems; To keep pace with global development, and in line with standard academic standards, as well as developing the administration of the college and its scientific departments, through the permanent development of the courses of the faculty, their assistants, and administrative workers, and communication with civil society and its scientific and practical stakeholders; With the aim of preparing graduates capable of competing in a changing world and a labor market with specific needs, as well as spreading and consolidating the authentic values ​​of society, improving the quality of life and human behavior, respecting others, and recognizing human rights in knowledge, thought and belief.

Secondly – college message

The College of Arts, American International University, is a private educational institution that provides educational and cultural requirements for students and graduates, through a range of specializations, in arts, languages, social sciences and humanities, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The college aims to disseminate and develop knowledge; To prepare graduates with high-quality scientific levels, according to internationally recognized scientific standards, in the fields of: languages ​​and literature, history, archeology, geography, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, theatre, libraries and audio studies, and to play an active role in scientific research, through its scientific departments and higher institutes, etc. Awarded by diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees. The college takes upon itself the responsibility of serving the community, supplying it with distinguished thinkers, intellectuals and learners, discovering the talented among them and preparing them to be the vanguard of culture and enlightenment in the community, through a system based on integration between the branches of social and human knowledge, and the preparation of distinguished graduates for the available labor market, locally. And an Arab? And globally? Preserving the human heritage and consolidating moral values ​​in education, scientific research and community service.

Third, the objectives of the college

First – Educational Objectives:

Enriching academic and intellectual life to improve the educational process

• Prepare students scientifically and practically in the fields of specialization in the college, to be good citizens and responsible for the development and development of society.

• Commitment to excellence in education, by providing courses of high quality, consistent with global development in the fields of specialization in the college and appropriate practical training

• Consolidating the interaction between students, the college and the community, by giving them the appropriate academic time, and continuous practical and scientific guidance.

• The application of modern systems in the management of the college, both vertically and horizontally.

• Developing student services and activities.

Secondly, the objectives of scientific research

Orienting researchers in graduate studies and faculty members to innovative research that adds to human knowledge in the fields of literature, languages, social sciences and humanities.

• Encouraging collective scientific research of outstanding quality in the aforementioned fields, presenting it at world-class scientific conferences, and publishing it in international refereed scientific journals.

• Preparing distinguished graduate researchers, who have scientific research skills, and the ability to use modern technologies in the field of specialization.

• Providing the appropriate scientific environment for faculty members and their assistants to acquire research and professional capabilities and skills.

Third – community service and environmental development

• Playing an effective leadership role at the governorate and regional levels, by conducting research and studies on societal problems, and proposing possible solutions to them.

• Finding effective means of communication with scientific and service bodies and institutions, local, regional and national; To study issues and problems related to the college’s specializations, and to achieve cooperation with all bodies to achieve common goals in continuous human development.

• Preparing courses and programs to develop human capabilities in the community, and raise the level of administrative competencies at the college, university and community levels.

• Strengthening cooperation with civil society, and linking it to the college, to achieve positive interaction with it, and to constantly identify its problems in order to find appropriate scientific solutions to them.

Fourth, the ethical code

• The Faculty of Arts, American International University is an academic institution, its faculty and staff work according to an ethical charter, stemming from | From their awareness of their scientific, societal and national responsibilities, their commitment to the rules of scientific honesty, and their response to the social, cultural and economic development of society

• Faculty and staff have a firm belief in the value of advancing knowledge, and in their respective tasks; To develop their scientific capabilities, and their theoretical and applied research, according to the highest levels of self-control and evaluation in the production, use, transfer and dissemination of knowledge.

• Faculty members encourage their students to seek knowledge and practice free and creative thinking through integrated cultural and ethical standards. They also respect their students, and abide by their role as intellectual mentors and academic advisors, and avoid exploitation or discrimination between them in any way, encourage and protect freedom of research in accordance with the rules followed in Research