Administration Department of Health Services and Hospitals Administration

In the interest of the university to be transparent in dealing with its students, the following are the most important rules and regulations for student behavior inside the university campus of rights and duties, and breaching any of them is considered a violation that punishes the perpetrator with penalties as specified by the university’s regulations and regulations

vision and goals


About the main college

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We proceed with solid steps in order to contribute to achieving comprehensive human development and building a knowledge society.

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Leadership and excellence in the fields of administrative and financial sciences locally and regionally


our message

To be the leading college in providing distinguished educational programs while developing the capabilities of scientific research in building a knowledge society and meeting the needs of the labor market locally and regionally.

our goals

1- Providing superior and distinguished education in various fields of knowledge and providing students with the necessary scientific and applied knowledge and skills that enable them to efficiently manage job activities in the business environment.

and efficacy.

2- Preparing the student systematically in the field of conducting scientific research (theoretical and applied) in the fields of specialization, in order to help them study problems and bring about integration between the results of scientific research and the requirements

Labor market.

3- Develop students’ thinking, creativity and self-learning skills.

4- Creating links of cooperation and partnership with colleges, scientific bodies and local, regional and international research and development centers.

5- Providing companies, institutions and various state agencies with studies and specialized consultations.

6- Develop the desire for cooperation, teamwork, effective leadership, a sense of responsibility and commitment to the ethics of the profession.

7- Qualifying graduate students to play an active role, to cover the existing deficit in the locally required competencies.

and regionally.

8- Preparing specialized cadres and qualifying them academically and scientifically to be able to understand the current data

And its tools and analysis in the field of administrative and financial sciences.

9- Keeping abreast of new knowledge in the administrative, financial, marketing and information fields to enhance and develop the skills of students.

business management program

In the interest of the university to be transparent in dealing with its students, the following are the most important rules and regulations for student behavior inside the university campus of rights and duties, and breaching any of them is feared, and the perpetrator will be punished with penalties as specified.

Management is one of the most important business administration majors in business. The specialization brings out specialists in business administration who have the ability to develop integrated plans for the units and organizations they supervise and effectively control decision-making.

The management specialization focuses on preparing the manager according to scientific methods, in addition to the knowledge and skills related to administrative functions (planning, organizing, directing and control) as well as to the functions of the organization, especially in finance, human resources, operations, marketing, research and development, in addition to realizing the dimensions of the relationship between the organization and its external environment.

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Qualifying distinguished administrative graduates to lead business organizations in the knowledge society.

Program message

Enhancing the mission and vision of the American International University and the College of Administrative Sciences in: education, scientific research, and community service by preparing and qualifying graduates at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness to lead business organizations, in a manner that meets the needs of the labor market locally, regionally and internationally.

Program Goals:

The Business Administration program aims to improve the services of education, scientific research and community service in order to achieve the goals of the University of the Future and the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, by achieving the following objectives:-

1 – Providing a distinguished learning environment for the department’s students in accordance with the latest programs in force in international universities.

2- Providing students with administrative knowledge and skills, and providing them with the necessary modern scientific administrative concepts and trends through practical application to meet the needs of the labor market.

3 – To develop the skills of creativity, innovation and teamwork among students, so that they can take administrative decisions to address the problems facing business organizations.

4 – Contribute to strengthening relations with business sectors related to the department’s specialization.