College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Department of Clinical Nutrition



Leadership and academic excellence in nursing and community service with local and global sustainability

the message

Enriching the community with innovative nursing programs, research, and healthcare to enhance the health and well-being of the community

College goals

Enable the student to:

• Providing an excellent environment for education to prepare nurses and leaders in the field of nursing

• Reviving the culture of publishing scientific research to enhance the sciences of the nursing profession

• Participation in social responsibility through entrepreneurship and innovative programs

college values

• safety

• Professionalism

• creativity

• the satisfaction

• Independence

• integrity

Dean’s word

Peace, mercy and blessings of God ,,,,

I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the website of the College of Nursing at the American International University, where the first nucleus of the College of Nursing was in 2015 divided within the departments of the College of Medicine and Allied Medical Sciences. Which aims for excellence in the field of nursing education, leadership, scientific research and advanced professional practice for graduates of the College of Nursing to keep pace with the times and meet the national needs of nurses who provide the best health care programs through the college departments.

The College of Nursing was keen to advance the scientific, technical and professional development in the field of nursing through the launch of the Master’s Program in Nursing in 2017 in three important specializations: Nursing Administration, Mental Health Nursing, and Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing.

With the grace of God Almighty, the College of Nursing has embarked on raising the level of nursing education in the health sector by adopting the Nursing Bridging Program, whereby female students who hold a diploma in health colleges can study and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Through the increase in the number of students wishing to join this humanitarian profession, the College of Nursing is looking forward to high-quality qualitative shifts and development in important educational programs and paths…


College representative’s word

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

“As for the foam, it goes away as scum, and as for what benefits people, it remains on the earth.”

Within the framework of the university’s strategy, the College of Nursing is fully aware of all educational and cultural activities, as its mission is not limited to education, but also includes scientific research, because the events of any scientific, cultural or social renaissance in society only come with education and scientific research that serves the community in all its fields. .

Thus, paying attention to graduate studies, research and cultural relations is the way to prepare distinguished scientific cadres internally and externally through scientific missions to see the continuous development in all fields.

In order to support the College of Nursing, the university spares no effort in developing all areas of scientific research in the college, especially after the college started studying for the master’s and doctoral stages with the credit-hour system and opened its doors to expatriates studying from outside the university so that the College of Nursing is one of the beacons of science at Mansoura University and at the level of Egyptian and Arab universities.

  We pray to God Almighty to help us in what we aim for