College of Graduate Studies

In the interest of the university to be transparent in dealing with its students, the following are the most important rules and regulations for student behavior inside the university campus of rights and duties, and breaching any of them is considered a violation that punishes the perpetrator with penalties as specified by the university’s regulations and regulations

vision and goals


• The Faculty of Graduate Studies at the American International University was established by Decision of the President of the University No. (19) for the year 2016 and with the approval and accreditation of the Department of Quality and Education Assurance at the university, based on the fact that the Faculty of Graduate Studies constitutes a complete conviction that efficient management is the basis for making change and qualitative development and in order to keep pace with development The tremendous and accelerating in information technology, the university, as a private scientific institution, was keen to provide education service according to high-quality academic standards in the Federal Republic of Somalia and neighboring countries with qualified and efficient outputs that represent a strong foundation in building a knowledge society and achieving comprehensive development

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• The college aspires to be among the internationally accredited colleges through excellence in its teaching programs and raising the level of scientific research.

our message

Providing a distinguished scientific environment that contributes to the production of innovative research that serves the community and meets the requirements of development and the needs of the labor market.

our goals

The College of Graduate Studies aims to achieve the following objectives:

• * Contributing to the movement of scientific research, enriching human knowledge, paying attention to scientific and applied additions, creativity and discovering the new, and raising the level of teaching at the university.

• * Preparing specialized scientific competencies in the areas of theoretical and applied knowledge.

• * Propose scientific treatments for social, economic, cultural and scientific development issues.

• * Developing study programs for the first university level and working to establish advanced postgraduate programs that keep pace with the accelerating accumulation of knowledge and technical progress.

• * Strengthening the university’s position as a center of scientific and civilized radiation that contributes to building and developing the Somali society and reviving its historical, cultural and civilizational heritage, to be a house of expertise for state institutions and the private sector.

• * Availability and facilitation of local scientific production for graduate studies to be accessible to researchers and openness to global production.

• * Providing opportunities for researchers to participate in scientific activities both internally and externally.

• * Commitment to comprehensive quality standards in the programs, services and procedures provided by the college.

• * Creating and developing postgraduate programs that keep pace with contemporary developments and the needs of the labor market

About the College of Graduate Studies

The College of Graduate Studies is concerned with the affairs of postgraduate students at the university, and its follow-up from application, competition, acceptance, until the end of study and graduation. 

The college aims to improve the graduate studies programs in the university’s formations in accordance with the standards of excellence and in accordance with the regulations and instructions of graduate studies in a way that is reflected on the level of the student to be with the required scientific competence and able to bear the responsibility that results from obtaining a higher degree, and also to produce outputs that meet the development needs of society and the needs of the labor market.

 The Deanship of the College works to facilitate and facilitate the performance of the service for graduate students in the shortest possible time. It also works to raise the level of quality of service provided to students, and to share the regulations and instructions of graduate studies with the university’s formations (colleges) for the purpose of facilitating the graduation process of graduate students and answering any inquiries related to the student’s career Education, from the admission process to graduation


school system


The system and requirements for studying in the college

The list of studies of the American International University indicated the system of study at the master’s and doctoral levels in the third article as follows:


  1. The maximum term for masters and doctoral degrees is six semesters. 2. The minimum duration for Masters and Ph.D. is four semesters (30 credit hours). 3. A master’s or doctoral thesis prepared by the student, for which 6 credit hours are calculated. 4. In all cases, the student’s general grade is calculated on a cumulative basis in both the courses and the thesis combined.

Important additional information:

  • The academic year is divided into two main semesters, the duration of each of which is not less than fifteen weeks, and the registration and examination periods are not included in them, and a summer semester of no less than eight weeks, during which the period allocated for each course is doubled. ● If the student passes the courses of the semester, he is transferred to the courses of the next semester. ● The maximum period for obtaining a scientific degree is calculated from the beginning of registration in graduate courses until the date the student’s supervisor submits a report to the head of the department with a copy of the thesis, or any other requirements of his program.