Center for Community Service and Environmental Development

Community service and environmental development message

Excellence in teaching and learning, scientific research and innovation, and community service, through the promotion of the principles of scientific analysis and creative thinking in a stimulating academic environment, participation in the production, development and dissemination of knowledge, and interaction with the local and international communities:

Services provided by the center :

Short training courses and various programs for the community and employees of government and private sector institutions.

Services in planning and organizing conferences, exhibitions, seminars and forums in many fields.

Educating the community about the programs and services offered by the university through the available media.

Evaluation of social and other community services provided by the university.

Strengthening the university’s relationship with the community by identifying its needs and requirements in order to achieve them by the available means.

Planning and implementing community and training programs organized by the center for the community in cooperation with the university’s competent authorities.

Spreading knowledge and cultural awareness among members of society by holding forums, lectures, awareness and educational seminars and training workshops in coordination with specialists in the various faculties and centers of the university and issuing pamphlets and brochures in this field.

Preparing and following-up studies in various fields of knowledge, especially those related to the study of community issues and communicating its results to the relevant individuals and community institutions.

Providing suitable volunteer opportunities for students in community institutions

Working to benefit the community groups from the services and facilities provided by the various university facilities to the local community.

Evaluate and review the level and quality of the activities and programs that are being implemented and submit recommendations for each activity to the center’s management.

Develop an annual plan that includes all the courses and programs that the center intends to offer.

Providing training courses in the areas of: administration, computer, languages, education, and all other areas of interest to the college.

Linking university studies to community problems and serving its issues, by offering courses, programs and providing consultations.

Developing programs and courses in line with the requirements of scientific and professional development, and reviewing the proposals of faculty members and employees in the college in this regard.

Cooperating with university centers concerned with community service and continuing education on issues of common interest.

Continuous evaluation of courses and programs and follow-up of trainees in their work after returning to their work to determine the extent to which they benefit from the programs and courses offered by the center.

Issuing certificates of achievement and other statements about the courses and programs offered by the center.

Benefit from the expertise of the faculty members in the college to achieve the objectives of the center and to perform its mission.

The sustainable development of college employees


To be a scientific beacon with local leadership and regional excellence in the fields of scientific research, community service and environmental development, and striving to establish a culture of lifelong learning by providing educational opportunities that meet the needs of individuals and institutions in society, in terms of professional and personal development and a positive impact on society through Participation aimed at promoting service, voluntary and cooperative learning through the development of sustainable partnerships between the university, the community and various sectors.

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